Black Magic, 1934 ~ Rene Magritte

Memory ~ Rene Magritte

The Death of Socrates ~ Jacques-Louis David


I Know our future: You wouldn’t trust even if I told, Might take time but you’ll have to live your life first; So have I. then you’ll realize i’m like no other. ~To You(The half of me)


Lino Lago - 'ART'
From 2013 I start this series of works in which I intend to do “only art”. The word “art” and nothing more (As far as the limit can be stretched). Regarding the consciousness of doing (artistic and non-artistic). The most important for me is the objectivity of the impossibility of quitting. Everything starts at that impasse which paradoxically is the inability to stop. So in this metaphorical stop the word “art” will never sit still, busy with that irrational and random movement. Any interest that we have and any attempt to say something about something is a matter of choice in which everyone hides behind.


The air away from home ‘tastes’ better

(via 70s, cosmic-dust)